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Geri Water Pack 4 Gallon (US)

Geri Water Pack 4 Gallon (US)

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The Expedition One™ Geri™ can (Water Pack) is made from from a hi-density polymer plastic and comes with a self enclosed flex spout with a sure seal anti-vibration fuel cap. Designed to handle loads of up to 800lbs of gear stacked on top of it. Dimensions 34" X 13.5" X 3.25". Each can holds 4 gallons and comes in both Gas and Water. Water packs are FDA approved for drinking. The Expedition One Geri can is one of our favorite products. They are nearly indestructible and can double as a sand mat if necessary (though not recommended). This is a high quality product that you can truly depend on when you are far from home. We have yet to find a water can that compares to the durability of the Expedition One Geri.